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Stephen Peel B.Sc (Architectural Conservation) 2004.

Since then I have worked as a local authority building conservation officer, firstly for North East Lincolnshire, and subsequently in Torfaen, where I am partly responsible for managing the internationally important Blaenavon World Heritage Site.

In addition I have run Fine Design, a private consultancy business for the last ten years. Consequently I am uniquely positioned to provide all types of building

Whilst my core experience in the understanding and adaption of traditional buildings, I can offer advice on most aspects of their maintenance and alteration

I also have extensive experience of creative design, and can help create your dream, whether it is an en-suite in a Listed Building or a housing development of 100 units.

In addition I am proficient in Autocad, and can produce a range of drawings from initial concept sketches through to detailed construction drawings.

My experience also enables me to offer a wide range of services to architects, and I am uniquely positioned to write that perfect Heritage Impact Assessment or Design and Access Statement for your latest project

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